Seollal: Korean Lunar New Year

Each year millions of families fight through the congested traffic to return back to their home town to celebrate “Seollal” (설날) or the “Lunar New Year“ (음력설날). Seollal is a day to pay respect to parents and to deceased ancestors. This is one of the biggest days in Korea along with “Chuseok” (추석), a holiday similar to Thanksgiving Day.

Korean BBQ

Grab a pair of chopsticks (젓가락) and a piece of lettuce because it’s time to eat Korean BBQ! In Seoul-Korea, Kevin J. Brenneman and John Park eat 2 orders of Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) with a cold bottle of Hite Beer (맥주)! 고기구이 サムギョプサル

Noryangjin Fish Market

Kevin J. Brenneman takes you on a tour of the Noryangjin Fish Market! It’s a great place to get a variety of fresh seafood.  It is located in Noryangjin-dong in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Come experience the biggest seafood market in Seoul! 노량진수산시장 鷺梁津水産市場

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