South Korea Independence Day

Beginning on March 1, 1919, the Samil Movement (삼일 운동) is a symbolic day for Korea designated by the country as a national holiday to honor the independence movement against the 1910-45 Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Koreans led by 33 leaders across the country proclaimed Korea’s independence and spread the statement nationwide, risking their lives under the surveillance of Japan.

Television 12 @ Hongdae

Although not exactly a restaurant, Television 12 is a combined cafe and gallery that serves up food, drinks and artwork! It has been around since June of 2008 and it’s a great place to relax while you’re hanging out in the Hongdae area.

Indigo @ Haebangcheon

Indigo is a great little restaurant offering a variety of foods close to Noksapyeong station in Haebangcheon. This time we dined on their delicious portebello mushroom burger, complete with a generous serving of ridge cut french fries.

A Trip to the DMZ

I sat and listened. His words were saturated with emotion as he relived memories of his younger days. He told me about his long lost family who he hasn’t seen or heard from since the war. “My brother was a real gentleman… I wish you could have met him,” he told his daughter. Many Koreans who were separated from their family still hope unification will happen before they pass away so they can reunite with family members lost during the turmoil and destruction of the Korean War.

The Korean War started June 25, 1950. On July 27, 1953 an armistice…

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